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Student Targeted Aggression Replacement Training (START)

Many students lack adequate social skills (i.e. dealing with accusations, teasing, rejection, anger). START is an evidence-based cognitive-behavioral intervention program for chronically aggressive students in K - 12th grades. Its goals are to improve social skills, anger control and moral reasoning skills.
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Functional Behavioral Assessment/Behavioral Intervention Planning (FBA/BIP)

Why is your student running out of the classroom or starting fights? Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) is an evidence-based process for determining the reason behind the behavior. Behavioral Intervention Planning creates an action plan for addressing those findings.
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Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

PBIS is a systems approach that has been proven to be effective in preventing and responding to school and classroom discipline problems. PBIS develops school-wide systems that support staff to promote social and emotional well-being for all students. PBIS schools implement systems that are proactive, not reactive, based on prevention rather than intervention, and positive not punitive. This evidence-based, data-driven framework reduces referrals and suspensions, increases safety of schools and supports improved academic outcomes.
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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Medical first aid training prepares us to respond to heart attacks, injuries, or sudden illness. Without that training, we may look on helplessly wishing we could do something but not wanting to do the wrong thing and make the situation worse. Similarly, in a mental health crisis, our ability to provide Mental Health First Aid may determine how quickly a loved one, co-worker, student, or friend gets the right help and/or recovers.

Mental Health First Aid originated in Australia in 2000 and was introduced in the U.S. by the National Council for Community Behavioral Health Care and the Missouri and Maryland departments of mental health in 2008. An evidenced-based program , MHFA truly helps to reduce stigma and educate front-line responders in any profession.
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